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You have to cause a little pain to shed a little light.

You must not fear to blister if you'd live a life in flame.

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Name:i will gladly stay an afterthought.
Birthdate:Apr 27
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Website:and i'm so mad that i cannot save myself
i'm a bit of a dreamer and a bit of a depressive and a bit of a gleeful asshole. you can imagine this is something of an unholy combination.

it's difficult to put myself into a box like this, because when it comes down to it, i'm boring.

i love reading, writing, sleeping, perfume, my dog, a somewhat embarrassing japanese boy band, men playing action dressup in plastic suits, music, and antidepressants. i'm a taurus and a water boar, and to those who know anything about it, it shows. i love my tattoos and scars and seem perpetually in need of a haircut.

right now i live in japan. life is amazing and strange.

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CAPSLOCK, a softer world, acting, advil, airplanes, aloe, approximations, arashi, autumn, banter, basmadi rice, beaches, beauty, being oblique, bells, blankies, books, borrowing pockets, boston, boys, cello, chai, cheese, colors, computers, contemplation, cuteness, dancing in the kitchen, dancing in the rain, dark little secrets, deb talan, den-o,, discussion, does not go there, dorking, dorks, drawing, dreams, existentialism, fake accents, fake plastic trees, falling apart, feeling, ficcing, fingernails, fire, fountain swimming, fulfilling my function, gender, girls, guster, hana yori dango, hands, hawksley workman, henshin, imagery, introspection, irc, josh ritter, jump little children, kabuto, kamen rider, kink, kiva, learning to breathe, live, long wool coats, love, lust, mac, made-up languages, matsujun's humiliation, matthew good, mental scarring, messy rooms, metanoia, missy higgins, miyavi, movies, moving, mp3s, music, my iphone, my ipod, nudity, o biz, oceans, open eyes, oscellating fans,, pennsylvania sky, philosophy, photography, play, poetry, poets of the fall, porn, pretending, privacy, purpur, quiet, quirks, rain, reading, realism, reality, sand, sandboxes, scars, screening calls, scribbling, sex, shaky hands, sharp cheddar, shiny things, sidewalks, sleep, spaghetti, stereotypes, sunlight, sushi, symphonies, tea, the free table, the ocean, the t, the weepies, trackball mice, trains, trees, unagidon, vienna teng, viola, vouyerism by invitation, watching ohno dance, water, wind, words, works in progress, world of warcraft, writers, writing, yabai!

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