Jun. 16th, 2010

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O me and my thoughts.

I've been having some conversations lately about the nature of attractiveness and attraction and sexuality. It's one of those things that makes me realize that i'm different than a lot of people--casual sex is okay by me, as long as everyone involved is zen with that. That's a really, really important caveat there. But i've been getting a profound sense of 'other' lately about certain things, as though my views are more different than i realize.

In short, i tend to surround myself with people i find sexually attractive enough that, were all parties interested, informed, and consenting, i would fool around with them. Most people would say it makes logical sense that they wouldn't be in a continuing sexual relationship with someone they couldn't be good friends with, but it doesn't necessarily seem to work in reverse. For me, the boundries between mentally attractive (read: we are compatible as friends) and physically attractive (read: i'd do 'em) are thin and blurred. Part of this is undoubtedly related to being polysexual in that my sexual interests aren't limited to a particular gender, but the rest? I don't know.

This sort of entry is probably preaching to the choir, as like attracts like on teh intarwebs, and in general the people who i rub virtual elbows with seem far better versed with these concepts than the average. But I still feel the need to offer a disclaimer--no, there is no danger of anyone being molested or anything like that. Unless you wanna be, anyway, which is a whole different conversation. No one is being secretly pined over, and i swear i'm not actually creeping on anybody. It's just the way i seem to be wired.

In any case, flist, tell me your thoughts! As an added bonus, if you ask, i will give you a mini-essay on how you are attractive to me and why. It's like a love meme but with more virtual touching! All answers would assume that the person in question is willing and their significant other, if one exists, is informed and totally accepting.

All responses are initially screened. I will unscreen discourse unless asked not to. All attractiveness essays will remain screened.


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