Dec. 22nd, 2009

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Wooo sick. A round of antibiotics, some mucinex and delsym later, i'm probably working my way into bronchitis, yay. Apparently woke both my parents up last night with bouts of ridiculous hacking wheezing cough. It's so good to be me.

Had job interview yesterday. Cannot for the life of me tell how it went, because the one girl who was interviewing spent the entire time with her eyebrows up and that fake anxious grin that makes the cords in your neck stand out. Health insurance would be nice though. :/

O rite also
anon meme.
if you have anything terribly pressing to say. All i ask is that if you do respond, plz to pin your comment so that we can possibly have a dialogue or somethin'. :Db
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This is a Public Service Announcement.

No, really.

So here's the deal. I had a sinus and throat and ear thingie. The round of antibiotics seems to have fixed the 'sinus and ear' part, but nooot the throat. Which is moving into my chest. If i don't have bronchits yet, ask me tomorrow.

When people like me develop lung issues, the first thing doctors do is scream PREDNESONE!!!!1! It's a hell of a drug. Steroids are great for clearing this kind of shit up.

Unfortunately, when people who are me take prednesone, we (that is, i) have this little 'roid rage problem. Which is to say that due to the drugs that had goddamn well better keep me from pneumonia, i may or may not be a raging lunatic until they're out of my system. And that's cutting the dose from the way the pack is prescribed.

No, i'm not happy about this. Christmas is three days away, New Years is right after that, and goddamnit, i don't want to be sick or insane right now. But alas, insanity is better than penumonia, at least for an asthmatic.

What this all boils down to is that i may or may not have much of an online presence for the next week or so. I may or may not answer pms, texts, and phonecalls. I may drop conversations abruptly. I may or may not even realize when i am being a raging asshole on steroids. I honestly do not know. But i do know that i tend to not be a very nice person on this particular drug, and i will be doing my damnedest not to randomly freak out at anyone, assuming that i...can stop myself from doing that. Right. So.

It isn't that i don't love you all or that i secretly think you suck or whatever. Maybe i'm overreacting and won't get the side-effect much at all. We'll see. But you're all being warned because who knows.

I'm thinking this is going to suck.


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