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i will gladly stay an afterthought. ([personal profile] rui) wrote2010-09-23 03:23 am
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Okay so indecisive girl is indecisive but i also couldn't sleep so i just made an lj/dw for my photostuff. You can find it at [personal profile] idiomatron / [personal profile] idiomatron. Content will be identical, so friending both if you're straddling sites isn't really worth it.

Follow if it pleases you, ignore if it doesn't! The only content there will be photos, they are not behind cuts, they are probably all going to be quite worksafe (anything that wasn't would go behind a cut because i'm polite that way) and are either 400x600 or 500x500 depending on the format, with a click to embiggen. No one's pretending it's art or that i'm any good at pictures, but it breaks up the monotony and makes me look around, and that's never a bad thing.

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