Dec. 9th, 2010

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Dearest Matsujun,

You are my ichiban. You are and always have been unquestionably first in the line of your sparkly and rainbowed boyband friends. Even Aiba cannot overtake you, despite how hard he tries. But, oh questionably heterosexual light of my heart, what in the everloving hell did you do to your hair?

A three-inch-tall fauxhawk is an incredibly questionable decision, honey. Even for you. Not as bad as the extensions which shall not be named, but up there. I really hope your stylist watches that VTR and knows what a bad thing they did. You see that girl's face in the corner? It's what everyone is thinking, bb.

Still loving you best but hoping you reconsider your hair product decisions,

In less lolarious and shallow news, Interac cannot seem to manage to contact my references, despite the fact that Amity did with no trouble. This strikes me as being fishy and weird. Their interview is on Saturday, and not only have i not gotten my appropriate picture taken, but this is v. offputting. Seriously offputting. And Amity is the better deal, if i'm selling my soul to a teaching organization. So i'm wondering if it's really worth it. Alternately, I need to find other references, which is also an enormous pain in the ass. It's not like i didn't give them several options, but if they're getting caught in a spam filter...yeah i don't even. There are only so many supervisors i can offer you, Interac. Aaaugh.

On the potential upside, i just got a call from the temp agency that they have a position through June they're putting my resume in for. It will be boring as the most boring thing and involve a lot of excel and scheduling, but the commute is significantly shorter, the pay is better by several dollars an hour, and i wouldn't have to worry about abruptly losing my income until (hopefully) i hear back from Amity. We'll see how that pans out.


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