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Oh man, i'm pretending to be a girl by doing my nails! Yeah, i don't know what possessed me either, especially given how shaky my hands are.

all things considered, they didn't come out horribly. )
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I finalized my flight to Japan on Wednesday, which just seems completely insane when i think about it too hard, and have made loose moving arrangements. The whole 'packing to move' process is starting again. It doesn't seem like i've only been here since August, that everything changed so much in that time. It's even crazier to think of how much more there is to do. In a very literal and exact four months from now I'll be in Osaka dying of jetlag before starting teacher training.

In other my-life-is-ridiculous news, i landed the temp job that could turn into a real job that i'd wanted so damn badly just a few weeks too late. This kills me in so many ways. Everything is feast or famine with me. Going to Japan is absolutely what i want to do, but i'd be living a very different life if i'd gotten this position in October or November. So it goes, right? But i have to wonder about my karma sometimes. If i make it past the first round of JET screenings now i will just laugh and laugh and laugh. In the meantime, i've revamped their filing system, am completely redoing the executive dean's calendar, and am being trained for things i won't be around long enough to really need to know how to use. Life's funny little tragedies. I think they will be legitimately disappointed to lose me, which is strange and gratifying and sounds really egoistic, but you wouldn't even believe how bad the guy was who had the position before. This university has repeatedly refused to hire me, but the general competency level of people in similar positions doesn't seem to be high.

There was more ridiculousness over christmas, but i don't even know where to begin with that. suffice to say that i'm glad i went, because there'll be nothing to regret on my side later. But i think my grandfather may feel differently. Or maybe he won't. That said, it was good to see my grandmother, and i was regaled with stories of her time in Japan. She was stationed near Shiga Kogen in Nagano during the post-WWII occupation in a secretarial capacity for the army, and was very happy there during her service. There were souvenirs and cards and even a womens' magazine from the time, all of which were fascinating. But certainly the best part was when we got out of the limo service when we first arrived, just after midnight, and she looked at me and grinned and exclaimed Ohayou Gozaimasu! and i just about died.

and...there were other things, but i just spent an hour and a half in a meeting, so I've totally forgotten them all.
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Dearest Matsujun,

You are my ichiban. You are and always have been unquestionably first in the line of your sparkly and rainbowed boyband friends. Even Aiba cannot overtake you, despite how hard he tries. But, oh questionably heterosexual light of my heart, what in the everloving hell did you do to your hair?

A three-inch-tall fauxhawk is an incredibly questionable decision, honey. Even for you. Not as bad as the extensions which shall not be named, but up there. I really hope your stylist watches that VTR and knows what a bad thing they did. You see that girl's face in the corner? It's what everyone is thinking, bb.

Still loving you best but hoping you reconsider your hair product decisions,

In less lolarious and shallow news, Interac cannot seem to manage to contact my references, despite the fact that Amity did with no trouble. This strikes me as being fishy and weird. Their interview is on Saturday, and not only have i not gotten my appropriate picture taken, but this is v. offputting. Seriously offputting. And Amity is the better deal, if i'm selling my soul to a teaching organization. So i'm wondering if it's really worth it. Alternately, I need to find other references, which is also an enormous pain in the ass. It's not like i didn't give them several options, but if they're getting caught in a spam filter...yeah i don't even. There are only so many supervisors i can offer you, Interac. Aaaugh.

On the potential upside, i just got a call from the temp agency that they have a position through June they're putting my resume in for. It will be boring as the most boring thing and involve a lot of excel and scheduling, but the commute is significantly shorter, the pay is better by several dollars an hour, and i wouldn't have to worry about abruptly losing my income until (hopefully) i hear back from Amity. We'll see how that pans out.
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  • Signal boost for a really awesome and potentially helpful post: what do you need?
  • I am still selling smelly things.
  • Oh god i am moving in four days holy fuck augh.
  • Hahaha my meds they do not work but it's a little late to worry about that now isn't it.
  • Someone actually emailed me about a job interview. Granted, it's a phone interview but holy fuck i actually heard back from someone who might want to pay me money for doing things for them. (Given that I have probably applied to a hundred administrative positions, these odds are shit, but the timing is great)
  • I hate packing. No really, I hate it. 
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Update! Life has been...lifelike, in a vague sense. My phone switch has gone through, so the old number is now defunct and only the new number lives. If you want said number, drop me a comment and I'll give it to you. I am just a weirdo and not entirely comfortable with making my number universally available, especially given how many other ways one can get in touch with me that already go to my phone ANYWAY. In related news, the iphone4 is stupid gorgeous. People can say whatever they want about Apple and their general attitude problems, which i kinda agree with, but no one will ever convince me that they don't make a genius beautiful product. My new phone fills me with the same deep, visceral joy as the original did when i first got it and the whole concept was new. It's beautiful to touch and hold and look at and interact with. It's like making phone calls and browsing the internets on art. I'm sure there are flaws, but i've already been using an iphone for years, i'm kinda used to most of what people are calling problems. So. That's one satisfied user, anyway. It's funny how the phenomenon repeats. I don't want to put down my phone, just like before. Plus, Apple gets points for my backup moving everything, including things like my notes and text messages, which i honestly expected to lose since i was changing numbers, phones, and plans. But no! They're all there. Well played, Apple.

Most of the rest of my time has been occupied with things like painting and moving furniture, which is deeply boring. The terrible sunburn i got from gardening has faded to brown and mostly stopped peeling. I'm very afraid that the part of my tattoo i burnt is going to blow out. It looks very stupid, more stupid than a normal weird-line sunburn because it's going through a picture on my skin. Ah well. Painting in a closed-up house hasn't quite entirely done away with my braincells, though i suspect that between the paint and my meds-switch i'm more than a little looped sometimes lately. Tomorrow there's a bed being delivered for my mother, and maybe we'll be done the furniture moving for a little while. A very little while, since after my parents come back from their family psychodrama cruise, we'll be getting new carpet put into the very rooms that we just moved all the damn furniture around between.

Basically, i have the most uninteresting life, yes.
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Good news! I finally ordered my new iphone. Bad news! In order to save myself money by being on my parents plan, i have to change my phone number. This is both deeply inconvenient, as i've had my phone for years and will now have to change numbers all sorts of places and learn a new one, but also sad. I liked having a number from Florida. It was sort of my last thing i was carrying from my life there. This isn't even happening for a few weeks, but i hate this sort of changing. Imagine if i actually had an address book full of contacts!

Anyway, people that i call/text/whatever often enough, i've already sent out a mass text. If you want my new number and/or i failed at texting you, drop a comment and you too may know how to contact me in a few weeks.
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Announcing this simply because if i don't i'll feel less sense of obligation to keep going. Putting peer pressure to work for me~

Anyway, i think i'm going to start the two hundred situps plan. Back in the day i used to honestly have fairly good core strength, and i think my recent back problems might be partially due to that going away. There's also the vain hope that some extra stomach muscles will hold my fat in better, but hey, a girl can dream. If that works, there's always the affiliated pushup and squat plans to go through.

But yeah, the test at the beginning? A bit disheartening. 43 crunches at a run seems pretty pathetic, and i think i need a cushion of some sort, because holy balls my tailbone is really sticking out like a prototail anymore, and it is not comfortable to lay on my back on the floor aaaat all. Sexy, amirite? Why can't all the extraneous fat actually cushion things that need it?

All the same, 200 crunches seems like a very achievable goal, and the plan is well-paced. We'll see how my stomach feels about it in a few days.
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So every few months i seem to get a tattoo itch. I try to resist for awhile, but in the end, i always give in.

here it is )
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Went out to a bar with my brother and his girlfriend, pretending it was friday night in the face of the impending snowpocalypse or whatever may hit tomorrow. I actually have Thoughts about this, about my family and how they perceive me, and how that filters through my brother to me (he and his girlfriend have both said to me several times how compared with the impressions they get from my parents, i actually seem pretty normal and even cool. it's sort of an odd feeling, being told i'm 'cool' after so long being anything but). It still doesn't feel quite normal, hanging out with them and going to bars and such, but it's not bad, really.

That aside.

Say "FST me" in your comment, and I'll put together a mini-playlist (3-6 songs) of songs that remind me of you.
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Wooo sick. A round of antibiotics, some mucinex and delsym later, i'm probably working my way into bronchitis, yay. Apparently woke both my parents up last night with bouts of ridiculous hacking wheezing cough. It's so good to be me.

Had job interview yesterday. Cannot for the life of me tell how it went, because the one girl who was interviewing spent the entire time with her eyebrows up and that fake anxious grin that makes the cords in your neck stand out. Health insurance would be nice though. :/

O rite also
anon meme.
if you have anything terribly pressing to say. All i ask is that if you do respond, plz to pin your comment so that we can possibly have a dialogue or somethin'. :Db
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List from yesterday:

  • Finish editing my personal statement
  • Get my medical records sent from DSFP to the doctor down here or at least i got the form faxed from one office to the other
  • Make an appointment to see said doctor/rn/someone to declare me mentally and physically sound to travel. (HA. ha ha ha hahahahahahaha)
  • Get check for said doctor's appointment if they don't take credit cards which they probably don't they take plastic yay!
  • Clean my room before my mother has six hundred fits
  • Return pants to AE, sigh
  • Go to Lowes and see about agility stuff for the puppy
  • Clicker trainingggggggg
  • Actually study for phlebotomy
  • Research H1N1 flu shot (i am in 2 risk factor groups that say i should take it, but lolol live vaccine and no insurance if the shot makes me sick H1N1 will kick my ass)
  • Locate the other half of my socks

Four out of eleven is...well it's pretty bad. But at least some things got done. And there was actually a little bit of clicker training but it's sort of an ongoing process.

For those of you watching on DW this post is mostly a GIP.

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Someone berate the shit out of me if i don't:
  • Finish editing my personal statement
  • Get my medical records sent from DSFP to the doctor down here
  • Make an appointment to see said doctor/rn/someone to declare me mentally and physically sound to travel. (HA. ha ha ha hahahahahahaha)
  • Get check for said doctor's appointment if they don't take credit cards which they probably don't
  • Clean my room before my mother has six hundred fits
  • Return pants to AE, sigh
  • Go to Lowes and see about agility stuff for the puppy
  • Clicker trainingggggggg
  • Actually study for phlebotomy
  • Research H1N1 flu shot (i am in 2 risk factor groups that say i should take it, but lolol live vaccine and no insurance if the shot makes me sick H1N1 will kick my ass)
  • Locate the other half of my socks

In order to be awesome while accomplishing these things i think i need to wear my new hat. It pleases me.

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Haven't written in awhile, but i didn't really have anything to say that would be missed.

Sometimes XKCD is really a gutpunch. Today is one of those days.

The puppy is both adorable and incredibly clingy. She wants attention alllll the time and will complain quite loudly if she doesn't get it via a system of groans and whines that really do sound like talking.

In a strange way, gives me hope for the world.

It is damn cold outside, and i need to run to the grocery store now. It's strange, how quickly fall happened, like it sneaked up out of nowhere and dropped leaves all over the backyard.
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I'm cleaning. I hate cleaning. It makes me feel completely lost, buried in all these things i have accumulated. And worse, i'm not even cleaning because i want to, or because i feel overwhelmed by my mess, or because anyone i care about is coming.

I'm cleaning because tomorrow people are going to come and invade my space and tear out the old rickety window by my chair to replace it with a new one. It's not that it pisses me off that we paid the heating bill for an apartment full of drafty windows through a cold winter. And it's not that i like my old rickety window or its accompanying rattles and drafts. It's that my room is so small and there's a chair and a lamp and an ottoman between the window and the world, and all those things will have to move to accomodate a workman. It's more like i like my space, and i don't like people coming into my space and tearing it up, even for what should eventually be counted as an improvement. For that to happen, i have to clean.

Not sure how tomorrow's going to go, really. They're supposed to replace windows in all the bedrooms, the kitchen, the livingroom and bath. Every room in the house, essentially. The part that worries me is that the bathroom window is in the shower, and we are all pretty fucking sure that the shower wall is entirely rotten beneath. So i have a rather justified fear that they're going to try and take out the window and half the wall will just crumble beneath the stress, leaving a gaping hole in our apartment.

Of course, my roommates have thoughtfully left me here alone to deal with it. Oh how i don't want to live here anymore.

On another sort of cleaning note, thinking of changing some of my lj icons out to match my dw set, which i overall like better.
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Part of the fun of moving to a new place is definitely the redecorating. Having new icons, stretching that way, is definitely my favorite part of this new journal nonsense. It makes me want to extend it out into my real life, to throw out and redecorate and rearrange, to make old feel newer. Then i look at the sheer volume of stuff and it seems an impossible task. If only there was a feature to one-click hide the detrius of real life.

Went to see Janeane Garofalo last night at the Somerville. She is tinier than i expected, bouncing and hilarious. It was less like listening to a comedy routine and more like sitting around with that one hysterically funny chatty friend. You know, the one whose every amusing story leads to three more amusing stories and if you ever want to find out what happened that one time you'll have to remind them half an hour and three equally funny topics later where this story was going. And her openers were good, which always surprises me a little. I generally don't expect to like all comedians, or even most comedians. All in all, quite a pleasant evening.

Went to bed at 5 and didn't really sleep much, got up at 11. It's funny how not at all sleepy i am, even while being tired. There's no food in the house, so we'll have to go out if we want to eat. Eventually that'll inspire me to drag ass out of bed.

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People have been posting entries lately about why they're moving to dw, about the differences between dw and lj. For the most part, these are all things i've been feeling. Somehow this time it's different than the migrations to ij or inksome. I did migrate all my old entries here, not because i feel like this is the same as lj in any way, but because i don't want to lose the record of myself. Am i proud of those things? Hell no. Reading through my old journaling is a bit like a walk of shame--i shake my head at that person, wonder how anyone put up with her. But that was me, and as much as i'd like to forget that i was ever that whiny and ridiculous, it doesn't work that way. What i would like to do, though, is possibly go through and mass-lock things. Does anyone know if dw or an external piece of software (preferably mac compatible) can do that for me? A fresh start without losing anything, so to speak.

Why [personal profile] rui? Short answer: don't quite know. It's an rp character name, which sounds so lame, but it's a name i've become very comfortable being called in the past year. As a girl's name, the internets tell me it means either tears or affection, babelfish translates the kanji used in Hanazawa Rui's name as 'type'. Either way, something in it pleases me. It's a short name, easy to say, to type, and to remember. And, like everyone else, it's sort of shedding a skin. I've been alioth for going on ten years now, the first name i ever chose for myself online. In a lot of ways, it still stands, a gender-neutral star reference that calls back to a character i loved in a book i haven't read for years. It's not that it doesn't fit, precisely. But i'm not that same girl, not really.


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