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Dear Flist,

Is anyone a 36C (or a 34D in one case) and in need of a couple lightly used bras? I know that the damnable things can be super expensive and everyone's pinching pennies. If not, they're going to goodwill anyway, so no biggie, but if you'll cover shipping, you can have them! All bras are full coverage because god knows i hate falling out of the durn things. I'm getting rid of them because of that falling out problem. I miss you C cup :/

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Good news! I finally ordered my new iphone. Bad news! In order to save myself money by being on my parents plan, i have to change my phone number. This is both deeply inconvenient, as i've had my phone for years and will now have to change numbers all sorts of places and learn a new one, but also sad. I liked having a number from Florida. It was sort of my last thing i was carrying from my life there. This isn't even happening for a few weeks, but i hate this sort of changing. Imagine if i actually had an address book full of contacts!

Anyway, people that i call/text/whatever often enough, i've already sent out a mass text. If you want my new number and/or i failed at texting you, drop a comment and you too may know how to contact me in a few weeks.
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So dudes. I don't usually pimp other people's causes, and this pimping does come with a caveat, but it is a pimping nonetheless.

If you think people who pierce holes in themselves or have colors permanently etched in their skin, are crazy or it's just not your thing, well. Disregard this post!

In college, i was friends with this girl named Des. We weren't super bffs or anything, but we were in the same writing classes and had similar opinions on many things. She has awesome freckles and i think my real fascination with getting tattooed and the meaning inherent in it started with her. Anyway yeah she was fab, i totally had a little girlcrush, and i was SO SURE that this chick was going to end up being a successful writer.

I was wrong.

Des is a photographer. A really good one, or at least i and a couple of folks whose opinions actually count think so.

She's been through a lot, which really has no bearing on any of this, but she's come out the other side pretty damn badass, which does. The long and short of it is that she's one of the finalists for the BMEzine World Tour Intern Contest. This is a really big opportunity for her to expand her horizons, do what she loves, and take a really big shot at something a bit new in an area that's always been an important aspect of her life. But she explains all that in the interview video.

So here's the caveat: Yes, i would like you to vote for my friend, because i think she deserves this--but NOT if you have no opinions on body modification or documentary journalism. Because if you don't, let's face it, the voting's not really for you. I don't mean that dismissively, i'm just really not in it for the vote stacking. So yeah. Vote for DeseRae, but also cast the other three votes for people you actually think are worthy.
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Dear flist:

What are your favorite DS games? I am not really interested in the pokemans, more in rpg or puzzle games. I can neither read nor write in Japanese, so translated only.


eta: due to your AWESOME recs, o my fantastic flisters, i have picked up the following:
Elite Beat Agents
Phoenix Wright-Justice for All (still working on getting the original)

aaaand am definitely going to pick up:
Suikoden Tierkreis

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It could be interesting.

Except it seems like dreamwidth doesn't like iframes, so. If you go here you can ask me questions on formspring.
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"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread

look i'm a hooker love me love me. or don't, that's cool too.

Thought i was okay after spending almost two hours with the snowblower and my driveway, but tonight my hands are crippled, holy crap. The only digits that move easily are my thumbs. THIS BODES WELL. Especially since i'm going to get to do the whole thing again tomorrow, when there'll be another foot of snow on the driveway. The stuff in the yard is taller than my dog, and we had to shovel her paths so she can go out and potty.

Have taken advil and applied salonpas all over, which seems to be helping a little. You can do it, hands! We're too young to be arthritic.
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You guys.

I can't tell if this is win, lose, or just o_0. Either way, it's a LOT of music listenin' in the past almost-three years.

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So guys i have a problem. Well, sort of a problem.

CFUD is, of course, pretty much my forever girl of rps. I've been there for years and will probably be there for more years. But i've sorta gotten to a point where i tend to play mostly in my established groups/relationships, don't post, etc. THIS IS OKAY WITH ME. I've gotten over my angst in regards to not being one of the cool kids and using the game for different things than some other people do and etc. This isn't to say that i don't want to make new character relationships or whatever, just that i'm sorta comfy in my patterns there idk it works for me i am very zen with my casual play.

THAT SAID. I would kinda like to join something a little different on the side. For about five minutes there was midnightfathers, but that petered out. I sort of moonlight over in [ profile] microcosm_rp but that's not really...doing much different than CFUD for me. And i apped at [ profile] thewildedge which...promptly died. Or is at least in its seeming death throes because almost all the awesome folk who joined up seem to have forgotten it. Perhaps i am a plague on oc rps. Or this is how rps usually go? I donno. Maybe CFUD has spoiled me with its constancy.

In any case, i'm still looking for something different. I don't care so much whether it's prose or commentspam, oc or panfandom, but i'm not looking for 'lol stuck in a zombie camp' kind of thing since i have one, and i'd prefer a...non-comedy based rp? I love CFUD but sometimes i don't feel like crack. Also, to make this even harder, established and stable would be nice, if only because any new rp i join just seems to die after i've invested the time to app and make journals and etc.

Does anyone have any ideas? Recommendations? Anyone? Bueller?
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Can has five Dreamwidth invites. Get 'em here.
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Woke up to the somewhat lolarious news that i'd lucked into an account code for Dreamwidth via random 'people who registered their openid' lottery.

So, who's on dreamwidth? I don't have any invite codes yet but once i do i'll post about it.


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