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First...impressions meme? On one hand i am so very terribly curious about this, on the other, i am terrible at remembering my first impressions of people once a real impression has been formed. So yeah. First impressions, now impressions, go for it.
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So as we all know, i have an iphone. i love my iphone. And my shiny new iphone actually has a camera on it worth using, so i have been. Until now, my camera app of choice has been puddingcamera, which has the benefit of being free but the detractor of being entirely in Korean. It's easy enough to figure out, and considering its free, you get a lot of nice things with it.

But i've been curious for some time now about Hipstamatic. And i found a gift certificate my brother gave me last christmas. So i downloaded it, and I honestly think it's pretty cool, if you like lomo-style effects. I don't feel like i wasted my two bucks.

Hipsta comes with three 'lenses', two 'flashes', and three 'films'.

On the default package, 'films' don't do anything besides change the edges of your pictures. you can have regular white squared edges, off-white rounded edges, or rough edges, depending on your film. You can also buy other packages that have films that do other things, but i haven't, so we're not going into that here.

I can't tell yet whether Hipsta's 'flash' is mostly a magical processing thing or not, but it only works when the phone's flash goes off, and whether the flash goes is set manually in the program, not based on the phone-camera's lighting sensor. The basic program comes with two flashes, a normal one that adds extra light and possibly a very slight warming effect, and one called dreampop, which adds a random pastel colored flash in a very effect-y way.

Then there are the lenses. These are what make the biggest difference, and this is where I'm just going to start resorting to pictures, because it's easiest.

and we cut the photos to save your flist )

Basically, i think this is a really fun toy. I like lomography, but i am way too poor to buy my ass a real lomo-style camera and film and do processing and such. And the app does have issues, like the fact that it crashes a lot for me (but so does puddingcamera, and that one has lost pictures too).

So yeah, i held out for a long time, but i think i like this photoapp. if nothing else, it gives me something to mess with while i'm out walking, and it makes taking pictures of everyday stuff more fun. Is this real photography? Debatable. But it IS fun, and it does encourage me to walk around snapping shots. So in this way it's a win.
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I don't really have Things to say lately. Or i do but saying them seems not really worth it, because they are the same things i have always been saying.


Honesty Meme

It is a thing that is important to me, honesty. And you can certainly comment anonymously, but i do tend to take things without an identity attached with a grain of salt. The anon button is a strange and complex subject for me, but i will do my best to be as honest as possible with anyone who comments. Which probably won't be anyone, but hey. This is your chance.
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For all of you following along at home, today was moving day. What should have been a six hour trip took ten but I am here and fed and showered. Tomorrow movers come and put my things into my room. But tonight I am tired and I don't have the wireless passwords so I'm taking some drugs and going to bed. Urgh.

But I'm back in Boston. It doesn't even feel real.
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  • Signal boost for a really awesome and potentially helpful post: what do you need?
  • I am still selling smelly things.
  • Oh god i am moving in four days holy fuck augh.
  • Hahaha my meds they do not work but it's a little late to worry about that now isn't it.
  • Someone actually emailed me about a job interview. Granted, it's a phone interview but holy fuck i actually heard back from someone who might want to pay me money for doing things for them. (Given that I have probably applied to a hundred administrative positions, these odds are shit, but the timing is great)
  • I hate packing. No really, I hate it. 
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BPAL sales list update! New stuff as of 9/23!  Also new formatting for ease of reading and use and my brain and etc. 

10/$10 imp packs are back, click the cut or keep scrolling for details!  No imp packs right now, need to retake imp stock.

Details: These are 5ml i'm trying to get rid of. I have TONS, and most of these either didn't work on me or I'm just not reaching for them because I have dozens of other great choices. Prices are pretty much what I paid for 'em. If you're getting more than two bottles, feel free to bargain with me. Shipping is $3.50 in the US or Canada with DC. I will ship internationally, but shipping prices will vary then. All sales will come with frimps because christ knows i have enough imps sitting around. If people are interested in imp sales i will go through the effort to post them. Otherwise, not so much.

ETA: I've put up a feedback profile here on bpal_feedback. It's blank right now, but I'm working on that part.

New additions marked with *asterisks*.

So many BPALs... )

Imps )

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BPALS for sale, guyz. Well, mostly BPAL. There's one Cobalt Blend in there, and a Possets.

Details: These are 5ml i'm trying to get rid of. Prices are pretty much what I paid for 'em. If you're getting more than two bottles, feel free to bargain with me. Shipping is $3.50 in the US with DC. I will ship internationally, but shipping prices will vary widely then. All sales will come with frimps because christ knows i have enough imps sitting around. If people are interested in imp sales i will go through the effort to post them. Otherwise, not so much.

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Dear Flist,

Is anyone a 36C (or a 34D in one case) and in need of a couple lightly used bras? I know that the damnable things can be super expensive and everyone's pinching pennies. If not, they're going to goodwill anyway, so no biggie, but if you'll cover shipping, you can have them! All bras are full coverage because god knows i hate falling out of the durn things. I'm getting rid of them because of that falling out problem. I miss you C cup :/

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Update! Life has been...lifelike, in a vague sense. My phone switch has gone through, so the old number is now defunct and only the new number lives. If you want said number, drop me a comment and I'll give it to you. I am just a weirdo and not entirely comfortable with making my number universally available, especially given how many other ways one can get in touch with me that already go to my phone ANYWAY. In related news, the iphone4 is stupid gorgeous. People can say whatever they want about Apple and their general attitude problems, which i kinda agree with, but no one will ever convince me that they don't make a genius beautiful product. My new phone fills me with the same deep, visceral joy as the original did when i first got it and the whole concept was new. It's beautiful to touch and hold and look at and interact with. It's like making phone calls and browsing the internets on art. I'm sure there are flaws, but i've already been using an iphone for years, i'm kinda used to most of what people are calling problems. So. That's one satisfied user, anyway. It's funny how the phenomenon repeats. I don't want to put down my phone, just like before. Plus, Apple gets points for my backup moving everything, including things like my notes and text messages, which i honestly expected to lose since i was changing numbers, phones, and plans. But no! They're all there. Well played, Apple.

Most of the rest of my time has been occupied with things like painting and moving furniture, which is deeply boring. The terrible sunburn i got from gardening has faded to brown and mostly stopped peeling. I'm very afraid that the part of my tattoo i burnt is going to blow out. It looks very stupid, more stupid than a normal weird-line sunburn because it's going through a picture on my skin. Ah well. Painting in a closed-up house hasn't quite entirely done away with my braincells, though i suspect that between the paint and my meds-switch i'm more than a little looped sometimes lately. Tomorrow there's a bed being delivered for my mother, and maybe we'll be done the furniture moving for a little while. A very little while, since after my parents come back from their family psychodrama cruise, we'll be getting new carpet put into the very rooms that we just moved all the damn furniture around between.

Basically, i have the most uninteresting life, yes.
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Good news! I finally ordered my new iphone. Bad news! In order to save myself money by being on my parents plan, i have to change my phone number. This is both deeply inconvenient, as i've had my phone for years and will now have to change numbers all sorts of places and learn a new one, but also sad. I liked having a number from Florida. It was sort of my last thing i was carrying from my life there. This isn't even happening for a few weeks, but i hate this sort of changing. Imagine if i actually had an address book full of contacts!

Anyway, people that i call/text/whatever often enough, i've already sent out a mass text. If you want my new number and/or i failed at texting you, drop a comment and you too may know how to contact me in a few weeks.
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not really expecting to hear much feedback from this, but hey, why not.

i've always wanted to tell you...
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O me and my thoughts.

I've been having some conversations lately about the nature of attractiveness and attraction and sexuality. It's one of those things that makes me realize that i'm different than a lot of people--casual sex is okay by me, as long as everyone involved is zen with that. That's a really, really important caveat there. But i've been getting a profound sense of 'other' lately about certain things, as though my views are more different than i realize.

In short, i tend to surround myself with people i find sexually attractive enough that, were all parties interested, informed, and consenting, i would fool around with them. Most people would say it makes logical sense that they wouldn't be in a continuing sexual relationship with someone they couldn't be good friends with, but it doesn't necessarily seem to work in reverse. For me, the boundries between mentally attractive (read: we are compatible as friends) and physically attractive (read: i'd do 'em) are thin and blurred. Part of this is undoubtedly related to being polysexual in that my sexual interests aren't limited to a particular gender, but the rest? I don't know.

This sort of entry is probably preaching to the choir, as like attracts like on teh intarwebs, and in general the people who i rub virtual elbows with seem far better versed with these concepts than the average. But I still feel the need to offer a disclaimer--no, there is no danger of anyone being molested or anything like that. Unless you wanna be, anyway, which is a whole different conversation. No one is being secretly pined over, and i swear i'm not actually creeping on anybody. It's just the way i seem to be wired.

In any case, flist, tell me your thoughts! As an added bonus, if you ask, i will give you a mini-essay on how you are attractive to me and why. It's like a love meme but with more virtual touching! All answers would assume that the person in question is willing and their significant other, if one exists, is informed and totally accepting.

All responses are initially screened. I will unscreen discourse unless asked not to. All attractiveness essays will remain screened.
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Tell me something you think i should know. It can be anything, from your grocery list to a funny joke to something you'd like to get off your chest to anyone to something you've been waiting for the right venue to tell me. Negative, positive, funny, unfunny, whatever. Give me your porn, your 'your mom' jokes, scathing commentary on my bathing habits or parade of bad haircuts. Tell me what song you've been listening to on loop for the past week, what you ate for dinner, how bad you hate my rp characters, that you think i'd look great with orange hair (and who wouldn't?). Share your pet peeves, your undying loves, whatever's on your mind. Caveat: i'm not enabling anon comments. You need to tell me, that's the point.

All comments are screened. If it's something personal, i will reply or not as you ask but everything will stay screened. If it's your grocery list, i reserve the right to Judge You for your cool whip and velveeta choices. Otherwise, this is a Safe Space, by which i mean we will both be honest and i will listen openly, and speak openly if you want me to. Or keep my mouth shut if you'd prefer. Maybe it's not something you want to have a conversation about. That's fine too.

And if you comment, maybe post one of these of your own. Sometimes i feel like there are a lot of things that go unsaid because we're afraid to offend, afraid to be rejected, afraid to be honest, and afraid to hear the truth. I certainly know that i am sometimes, and feelings like that are never special-snowflakey.
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Announcing this simply because if i don't i'll feel less sense of obligation to keep going. Putting peer pressure to work for me~

Anyway, i think i'm going to start the two hundred situps plan. Back in the day i used to honestly have fairly good core strength, and i think my recent back problems might be partially due to that going away. There's also the vain hope that some extra stomach muscles will hold my fat in better, but hey, a girl can dream. If that works, there's always the affiliated pushup and squat plans to go through.

But yeah, the test at the beginning? A bit disheartening. 43 crunches at a run seems pretty pathetic, and i think i need a cushion of some sort, because holy balls my tailbone is really sticking out like a prototail anymore, and it is not comfortable to lay on my back on the floor aaaat all. Sexy, amirite? Why can't all the extraneous fat actually cushion things that need it?

All the same, 200 crunches seems like a very achievable goal, and the plan is well-paced. We'll see how my stomach feels about it in a few days.
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Man, i have been having some weird dreams lately. The creepy, sort of uncanny-valley kind where if just this one thing was different, this craziness could ensue. Or, you know. Sometimes crazy-ass pseudo-possible surgery.

So i had this dream wherein i went to the doctor because i'd been suffering back pain (true enough) and after taking x-rays, they determined that the base of my spine was entirely misaligned so that my tailbone laid horizontally instead of vaguely vertical as it should be. This is also true, the bottom of my spine looks like an L. Where it all got weird was when the doctor told me that i needed to have surgery wherein they opened up my entire body and repositioned my spine to correct the issue. After a very docudrama style surgery there was a waking-up scene in which a doctor informed me heartily that it was lucky i was so overweight, because there was plenty of skin to stretch in my abdomen to compensate for the additional height gained by straightening my spine. Constrictive devices were necessary to keep the spine properly extended while the initial surgical damage started to heal. And then there was some very realistic and seemingly logical physical therapy that involved relearning my center of balance and having to stretch and restrengthen abdominal muscles that were used to me being inches shorter. It was all very logical and seemingly realistic, especially for a dream.

And since i woke up, my tailbone has hurt. What the fuck are you trying to tell me, body?
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this icon makes my life just that much more complete.
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So every few months i seem to get a tattoo itch. I try to resist for awhile, but in the end, i always give in.

here it is )
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Dear f-list,

Is anyone going to Sakura-con?

Wait, let me rephrase.

Is anyone going to Sakura-con who would be willing to take my money and buy me bpal exclusives that will be with you at Sakura-con?
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It just occurred to me that the reason i probably have so much trouble defining myself is because i never feel like i am anything fully enough to deserve that label.

It isn't that i have no interests, passions or fascinations, just that i cannot seem to ever commit wholly enough to anything that i can define myself by it. This goes for pretty much everything, from sexuality to career choices to how i waste my free time.



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i will gladly stay an afterthought.

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