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Updating? Psssh. Obviously that is not a thing i do. A quick update of the past forever:

-left Boston, moved back to PA
-moved to Japan

I mean, some other stuff probably happened in there, but the gist of things is that i'm on some kind of crazy Big Adventure that may or may not have been a good decision but it sure is an experience. It's been a little more than a month now since i left the States, and i wish i could say i felt like i was settled, but i don't. Only today have i finally gotten unpacked all the way and my apartment presentable enough to take pictures, which is pretty pathetic even by my standards. And before anyone says it, yes, i know that it's not clean but it's a vast improvement from how things have been.

entrance, complete with messy shoes and invisible coatrack

right behind what's pictured there is the bathroom on one side and the toilet on the other. swank people keep their laundry in their bathroom.

not pictured: actual bathing portion of the bathroom, because half my laundry is hanging in there. my apartment has a traditional wet bathroom with a deep tub and then an area where i shower and a japanese person would sit to wash.

and across from that, the toilet. not going to lie, i seriously love the sink on top of the toilet. it strikes me as so fantastically innovative.

that closed door you see in this picture leads to the enterance/bathrooms. fridge and microwave, with a corner of the stove

stove and sink. in terms of japanese kitchens, mine is swank in that it has two burners. yeaaaaah bitches.

whole kitchen, including toaster oven and rice maker, plus the lead-in to the actual 'room' of the apartment. that pile of stuff includes my suitcases, an extra futon w/blankets, and my winter futon blanket.

pile of stuff, block shelves, and tv. yup, that's the end of the room.

the only 'windows' in my apartment are the doors leading out to my porch, which is just big enough to hang laundry on, as pictured. there's a fair bit of natural light in the main room (and way too much of it in the morning), but the kitchen is dim and it's always dark in the entranceway.

directly across from the tv. also pictured: my kotatsu and the corner of my futon.

futon. that corner is directly across from the toaster oven and rice maker. not pictured is my closet, which, while shockingly enormous, is still only a closet. it's right across from the kitchen, and goes back as deep as the wall my futon is against.

kotatsu and floor chair.

That's the whole of it. In truth, it's a lot bigger than i was expecting, and the big closet is an unexpected boon. It's plenty of room for one person.
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[personal profile] ana 2011-06-12 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
That's WAY bigger than any other Japanese apartment I've seen!
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[personal profile] ana 2011-06-12 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I've really never seen a Japanese apartment that big. And KOTATSU.