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Tell me something you think i should know. It can be anything, from your grocery list to a funny joke to something you'd like to get off your chest to anyone to something you've been waiting for the right venue to tell me. Negative, positive, funny, unfunny, whatever. Give me your porn, your 'your mom' jokes, scathing commentary on my bathing habits or parade of bad haircuts. Tell me what song you've been listening to on loop for the past week, what you ate for dinner, how bad you hate my rp characters, that you think i'd look great with orange hair (and who wouldn't?). Share your pet peeves, your undying loves, whatever's on your mind. Caveat: i'm not enabling anon comments. You need to tell me, that's the point.

All comments are screened. If it's something personal, i will reply or not as you ask but everything will stay screened. If it's your grocery list, i reserve the right to Judge You for your cool whip and velveeta choices. Otherwise, this is a Safe Space, by which i mean we will both be honest and i will listen openly, and speak openly if you want me to. Or keep my mouth shut if you'd prefer. Maybe it's not something you want to have a conversation about. That's fine too.

And if you comment, maybe post one of these of your own. Sometimes i feel like there are a lot of things that go unsaid because we're afraid to offend, afraid to be rejected, afraid to be honest, and afraid to hear the truth. I certainly know that i am sometimes, and feelings like that are never special-snowflakey.

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