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i will gladly stay an afterthought. ([personal profile] rui) wrote2009-12-22 09:11 am
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Wooo sick. A round of antibiotics, some mucinex and delsym later, i'm probably working my way into bronchitis, yay. Apparently woke both my parents up last night with bouts of ridiculous hacking wheezing cough. It's so good to be me.

Had job interview yesterday. Cannot for the life of me tell how it went, because the one girl who was interviewing spent the entire time with her eyebrows up and that fake anxious grin that makes the cords in your neck stand out. Health insurance would be nice though. :/

O rite also
anon meme.
if you have anything terribly pressing to say. All i ask is that if you do respond, plz to pin your comment so that we can possibly have a dialogue or somethin'. :Db